Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mid Day Review and Notes about 2012 Topps

I've had a few days to relax and review the cards I bought and let me just say that I am starting to warm over to the design. Yes, the main design element looks like a colored surfboard with the black stripe just off center from the tip of the board. But it successfully does not obstruct the picture itself, even though it does stand out. And isn't that the point to a memorable design???

Many people have pointed out that the batters cards have the 3B stat header on twice. Unless it has been pointed out by now, not all of them are like this. I have seen a number (handful from my stack) that have the 2B header. Maybe it's just a sheet or two that had this error. But Topps no longer specifies what sheet the card was printed from.

I love the fact that Topps was able to incorporate the new logos for the Padres, Blue Jays, and the Miami Marlins. Now it looks like the Marlins logo was just a last minute switch. I noticed that colored borders match the color of the surfboard...except with the Marlins. While the nameplate used for the Miami players is orange (to match the new team logo), the color border is teal (which matches the old logo's color scheme). Maybe this will be fixed in Series 2.

I did find a few cards that I know some bloggers are going to want (and will have to wait for when I have money to mail), including a golden Dodgers card of James Loney and a duel insert with Cal Ripken and Derek Jeter (here's a hint to who this should go to...he has a Darryl Strawberry SP card...will contact you later).

And really??! The guy who caught Jeter's 3000th hit chose THAT picture for his card??! It's a nice action shot and at least the surfboard doesn't block him, but I guess if there were choices and this was the best one...I can't imagine what the rest would have looked like (unless Topps manages to make these options SSP's in S2).

That's all I have for now. Next payday will include funds for a Master Set. And now probably would be a good time for a few notes before leaving:

1. If anybody could send me used Golden Giveaway code cards (Yes, I collect them and want to thank friend of the blog Glenn Savage for helping me finish the Diamond Giveaway set) please send me an e-mail at

2. Kyle, I got your comment. Next payday, I will send everything out, including the prizes from November.

3. I will get the Sports Card Blogroll fixed. I am re-doing both the Index and the Most Recent Blog Post roll and have a list of four or five blogs to add soon.

That's all I have going for now. Until later (or when I get the Randomizer jumpstarted).


JayBee Anama

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moremonkeys138 said...

The 3B errors appear to be on every position player card, unless it's a rookie or horizontal card. Which adds even more weirdness to the whole thing.