Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just When You Thought the Sparkle Cards Couldn't Get Any More Complex...

The number one source in the Hobby has posted today that inside packs of 2011 Topps Series 2 are cards that take the Sparkle concept to a whole new level.

That's right...DOUBLE SPARKLE CARDS!!!

In an effort to make people actually look at the base cards, a limited number of cards will, based on the picture, have an even larger, more obvious sparkle to them.  Almost blinding, I know.  But there is a reason for the insanity.

If you manage to get all 3 (that means, only three subjects are involved) of these double sparkle cards, you have to be the first person to send an e-mail to Topps (who in turn will probably ask you to send the sense in sending scans or a picture...they want PROOF), and you will get an autographed bat from today's best players (no idea who they might be). 
None have been seen on the Bay...yet.  Which means if they do show up, the bidding wars will be extremely interesting to follow. 

Now, the boys and girls at Beckett asked a very interesting question to go along with the announcement.

1. Is this too much of a good thing?
2. Is there one thing you would eliminate from the hobby? (BASEBALL ONLY)

I've posted my responses, and so has a certain Mr. Harris with his take on it all.  I am pretty sure I know what the most popular answers are going to be.  But I can't wait to see how people respond to them.

Later on, hopefully, I'll be able to get to see some pictures of the new cards.  And hopefully, buy a set.  Cross your fingers.


JayBee Anama


dayf said...

Double Sparkle Impossible Heyward.


dayf said...


(for the kids)