Monday, June 20, 2011

If You Want to See All 60 Sparkly Cards in Series 2 Together...

Last week, I received an e-mail from friend of the blog, all around good guy, and Topps Super Collector Craig Parker (aka Craig from Texas).  Back in February, he scoured the internet and put images all 60 of the Series 1 Topps Sparkle cards on his website for people to use for reference purposes. 

Well he did it again.

In his own words:


"Hey there!  I hope all is well.  I appreciated the shout out you gave me on your blog when I created the series one Topps Sparkles checklist.  Well, I wanted you to know that I got after it again and created Series 2 so everyone can find those sparkles!  I hope that you add this info to your blog -- I read it every day and appreciate how you are always on top of everything.  Here it is:


Craig from Texas"
Both series of Sparkles are on his site RIGHT NOW!!!  So please take time out of your day visit his site, and print out images if need be (or at least take down the checklist for yourself).  So that when you're sorting out your cards, you can figure out if you have one of these beauties or not.  Then take time out of your day to thank the man for his hard work.
Thanks from this Topps collector. By the way, Craig, how far along are you on the big Sparkle hunt?
JayBee Anama


Craig in Texas said...

Thank you JayBee! Keep up the great work!!!

Craig from Texas

Craig in Texas said...

Oh and I am a looooooong way from the set! :)

Craig from Texas