Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cleaning the Sports Card Blogroll Before the End of the Month!

In July, we will be celebrating the third anniversary of everybody's favorite blogroll, the Sports Card Blogroll.  What started as a little thing for me so I can keep tabs of our favorite blogs has now turned into one of the must go places on the Internet for Hobby information. And with more voices and more blogs joining the fray, more and more information can be shared, and more and more trades between bloggers have been made.

Before we run our maintenance, I am happy to say that we have reached the high water mark in blog population.  There are 333 active blogs on the roll.  There were 312 blogs when last I kept up appearances on the SCBR, meaning that in the past month, 21 new blogs were added.  I think that's a new record as well.  Which is fantastic.

But now it is time to remove blogs that have reached the dreaded six months of inactivity mark.  It is always a sad task, and there are many reasons why blogs are left for irrelevance.  People may have been disenchanted with the Hobby (and there are many reasons for that).  Others have lives and while having a blog was a good release/escape, it is a commitment to continue to write.  And life takes precedence over Hobby EVERY TIME!  Regardless of reason, here are the blogs that we are now removing from the active roster and will now make their final appearance in the "Blogs Being Removed from the SCBR" section:

That's seven blogs that join the rank of the inactive blogs.  That means that going into July, the big blogroll reaches 326 active blogs, a net gain of +14 from last month.

As always, if you, or someone you know, is writing a Hobby blog that is not on the Sports Card Blogroll, please e-mail me at so it can be added.  And if your blog is being removed, but you plan on becoming active again in the Hobby Blogging Community, drop me a line.  Thank you very much.


JayBee Anama

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