Thursday, June 2, 2011

Four Sheets of Random Topps Baseball Cards...Or Are They???

Below are four pictures, each containing nine totally random cards, just as if they were in 9 pocket sheets.  This isn't a precursor to the return of the Random Topps Card of the Day (starting up again in July).  But they were selected randomly. 

The questions I am posing to you the readers are these: 
  • What is the significance of these seemingly random selection of cards?
  • Why these cards?
  • Where did I find the information to get them?
I know on a post last month, I said I was going to do this.  Let's see if anybody is paying attention. 

I will give you one hint.  One of the cards included above shouldn't be here.  It is on here because my source included it, and it turns out that it probably shouldn't have.  But alas, it's above.

The answer before the end of the day. 


JayBee Anama


Ryan G said...

These are the cards listed on 2011 Topps cards!

GCA said...

I'd guess they are the next batch of Mama II's (60YOT inserts) or a segment of the new Topps Lineage set, which is basically the same idea.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking topps series 2 variations

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with Ryan G's answer - I can't look it up to verify. But the first 5 cards are definitely in numberical order.

Anonymous said...

i have a sheet of 30 cards of the1972 dodgers, signed by tommy davis, any idea what it is worth?