Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Day After Christmas

and all through the house, the Lego sets have been built and the Scrabble Flash letters spell MOUSE.

These past few years, I made a conscious effort on getting more presents for my family and not expecting anything in exchange. So it was a nice surprise when my kids gave me a present to open: a long sleeved blue and yellow striped (thin stripes thank goodness) shirt that I can wear for work.

I try not to tell people to get me baseball cards for Christmas because many times they get me packs of stuff I don't collect (the one year I had to smile publicly while being handed two blasters of Upper Deck cards was one of the toughest things I had to do). So usually, if I get cash or gift cards, I'll get my Topps cards myself.

So along with the Dilbert wall calendar (for my cubicle), I did get four jumbo packs of Update Series from Meijer. I did get three MCG code cards and one Strasburg 661 (the regular one...not the PITF). So it was worth it.

I also so a post on another blog about a 2010 Tony Gwynn SP card up for trade. Now I need to find some Brewers cards so I can get it. No problem.

I plan on spending the day sledding with the kids (must have gotten at least 4 - 6" of snow) and promised to take them if the snow wasn't hard. That, and I will do my monthly Sports Card Blogroll maintenance when I get home.

Finally, Joe McAnally is getting the Topps Heritage sets added to the Baseball Card Cyber Museum. He asked if there were any retro sets that would be worth adding to the museum. I thought really long and hard about this one. I would have suggested the Allen & Ginter series, but because of all the "non-baseball subjects," it might not be...what's the word...relevant to the subject matter at hand.

Turkey Red came to mind too. He already has the reprint set inducted. It could work, although some of the pictures might be too dark for scanning (especially the cards from '06). Maybe that is what I'd recommend. Jury is still out on Cracker Jacks (a nice product that had a good two-year run, but not in my top 10 retro sets), but the early Topps 206 & 205 sets would be good too use. But if those are to be used, I think the mini cards would look better.

That's all for now. Hope your holiday has treated you well.


JayBee Anama

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