Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Update for the Sports Card Blogroll before 2011. A Year in Review.

What a year it has been for the Sports Card Blogroll. An overhaul of the site in January made the site easier to access and much easier to find your favorite blogs. As of Tuesday, December 28, 2010, there were 153 new blogs about the Hobby of Sports Card Collecting added to the big Roll since the first of the year, putting the roster at 322 blogs.

But this also means that we've lost many of our favorite blogs to inactivity (6 months is the cutoff). Looking back at the past year, and before we say goodbye to posts this month, I removed 97 blogs off the active roster due to six months of inactivity. A few found there way back (after telling me that they were up and running again) onto the roll. And if there is any indication as to what is coming in the world of our Hobby blogging in 2011 based on what has transpired these last couple of months, there should be a bit of concern.

Let's go ahead and list the blogs making their departure from the main roster and will be moved to the "Blogs Being Removed from the Blogroll" section on the sidebar:

There were 314 blogs as of last month's update. We reached 322 before this month's post. With these eight removed, we are now down to 314 blogs (no gain from last month). Overall that means a total of 105 blogs were removed from the Sports Card Blogroll in 2010 (you can see all the blogs removed for posterity on the site by clicking on the Sports Card Blogroll Label on this post or on the sidebar). Last year at this time, there were 262 blogs linked onto the site, which means that we had a net gain of 52 blogs from last year.

Last year at this time, we only had one basketball card blog. This year, we now have six. The number of blogs in football and hockey remained consistent. In the ever important baseball category, where last year there were 119 sites, as of now there are 136 blogs about baseball cards (total does not include blogs found in the more specific team, set, or player sections, or even the multi-sport section of the blogroll).

We lost a few of our more "influential" voices this year, but many others have picked up the slack. And I hope that the number of blogs about our Hobby continues to grow. The more voices, the better off we all will be. Keep up the good work everyone. And let's hope that 2011 will mean better things for the Hobby, and the Hobby Blogging Community.


JayBee Anama


cynicalbuddha said...

As always JayBee just want to say thank you for keep the blogroll rolling.

baseball card price value said...

Keep the Sports Card blog rollin! The gifted time and talent of a few will continue to inspire more followers as time rolls on. Thanks!