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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Topps Has An Exclusive Deal with MLB to Create Baseball Cards in 2010 and Beyond!!!

It reamins to be confirmed, but according to the Number One Source in the Hobby, Topps Lands MLB Exclusive for 2010.

The story was first published by the New York Times here:

That means there WILL be Topps cards in 2010!!!

I was actually thinking about it this morning: What would I do if there it was announced that MLB Propertis was denying a license to Topps or MLB Properties in 2010??? Would I still collect new baseball cards? Would I bite the bullet and buy...gasp...Upper Deck cards? Would I have to change the name of my blog???

Now I know I won't have to worry about that. While the official announcement won't come out until tomorrow, it looks like Topps would be the licensed to create cards with team logos, trademarks, and all the things that come with it.

As a Topps fan and collector...


But wait...

What does that mean now for Upper Deck??? I mean, they were granted a license earlier by the MLB Players Association first.

Stay tuned.


JayBee Anama


Captain Canuck said...

Boo! A very sad day in the hobby.

willworkforcards said...

This is Bad! Topps doesnt have any comepition now and who knows what that will do. Competition always works best!

90sboxbreaks said...

Topps will still have competition. Upper Deck will still manufacture cards minus official logos and licensing, the same way Donruss/Panini are doing now with their baseball products.

GOGOSOX60 said...

From a collecting stand point, nothing will change for me. I have not bought any Upper Dreck stuff for many years. I think UD had this coming for many years with legal and other product issues.

I hope if they are a going to market towards younger kids would make a fun sets like issues released prior to 1990. Maybe they can turn back the clock to their last year of no competition and make a special Heritage edition of the 1980 Topps set with new players on them? Throw in a wad of gum too...

This is lets throw a "PARTY" news!!!!!

madding said...

I think it's terrible news. Unlicensed MLB cards are not real competition. I certainly do not and will not buy unlicensed cards. I'm not really a fan of much of what UD has done lately, but no competition means everyone loses.

Anonymous said...

Competition - Upper Deck makes sets called SP, SPx, Piece of History, Masterpieces, Star Quest, Goudey, First Edition, Ball Park Collection, Heroes, Premier, Spectrum, Timeline, X, Elements, O PEE CHEE, - There were not enough words in the dictionary to assign a name to all the sets they make that so they had to name sets after letters. - Competition, this is more like confusion. Come On, Upper Deck Elements, what is Upper Deck going to do name a set after each of the elements on the periodic table. BATEMAN72

Anonymous said...

another take on this situation:
Hobby take on MLB/Topps exclusive deal