Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beckett Better Catch Up!!! They Have These Listed in the Wrong Year!!!

Remember these cards???

I talked about them on this post a few months ago...take a look and then come back.

Well, the Number One Source in the Hobby finally got around to adding the first fifteen cards of this 30 card set (not 45 cards, just 30) into their database. There's just one problem though...

They have these cards listed as 2009 Topps KMart!!!

Eric, could you please ask the wonderful folks (they really are, after all, it takes a lot of patience to type each card onto a database) who add cards to the "My Organize" database to change the misleading year from 2009 to 2008? I also added in the Beckettpedia section the other fifteen cards that were included in 2008 Topps Series II from this set. Please get this fixed...otherwise you're going to have people looking in vain for these cards in packs and boxes of 2009 Topps, only to find out that they came out THE YEAR BEFORE!!!

Thank you very much.


JayBee Anama


ny_hitnam_23 said...

I don't know the entire story of those cards but they do, certainly, look like 2008 Topps cards. I have yet to even see any 2009 Topps cards at K-mart.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the Eric you are referring to is Eric at Beckett, but I don't think he works there anymore.

Also, if you really want things changed, the direct route of an email: baseballmag@beckett.com is usually the best way to go. I've gotten some things changed and updated that way.