Saturday, February 28, 2009

Target Blasters are not in Yet. Hold Your Fire!!!

According to the gentleman who runs Trading Cards, TCG's and me, the Target Exclusives won't be out yet. Which is just as well as I didn't find any at the local shop. But he is showing a hint of displeasure in both WalMart putting this stuff out early, and for Topps for letting FanofReds in on the exclusive news. You can read what he has to say about it here. (Note: The link is no longer live as it has been deleted by it's author. I am leaving this part of my post up in case he decides to bring it back.)

I left these comments after reading what he had to say:


While I can certainly understand where you're coming from (as distributors, we have to make our money somehow), as a collector, I totally agree with Chris, dayf, Nachos, and the rest. If I didn't know this going into the store, and I bought a blaster of Topps, needing to complete a set, I would be wholeheartedly ticked if the cards I bought were different from what I expected them to be.

Now that we know, collectors have a choice...go for the regular set, go for the all black WalMart set, or go for the Target Throwback set. And now that we know what to look for, it makes it easy for us to know what we're looking for. That's not a bad thing.

However, many collectors don't read the blogs, and won't even see any of these posts. So they're going to go to their retailer, and find out for themselves. I'd rather not wait for the uproar this would bring.

One more thing...would it be possible for you (and if it's not, it's totally understandable) to put scans of sell sheets that the retailers get for these products similar to the way that some hobby shops scan their sheets online? Or would that kill any surprises that the retailers get? Would that be akin to "too much information?"

Because I also work for a distribution company (albeit for food), I can totally understand where he is coming from and why he's not totally pleased. But I'm happy to know that this information is out.

In the mean time, here is a scan of what the Target exclusive "Throwback" cards look like (see the old Topps logo). Now picture this card in the stock of 1952-1991 Topps.

It's time to party like it's 1989!!! Bring it on (well at least one blaster).


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

OK, so they have gray backs and the old logo...but what about the foil? Are they still ruined by that?

If not, I may actually buy a box. Regardless of what my most recent blogpost says.

CLRobertson said...

Okay, so how do I tell the difference? My Target has Blasters, but none of them have the grey backs/old logo.