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Pack Break: 2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day 3 Packs

A couple of quick responses to comments that came after my last blog post:

To Billy Kinsgley: I was not aware that Mr. Lemke had passed away. I think I may have heard something about it earlier this year, but it just didn't connect. So I apologize for my ignorance.

Also, to Dan, regarding Ben Henry's Baseball Card Blog: I should have mentioned that. Ben Henry's Baseball Card Blog is already a part of the SCBR HOF. When he went on his one-year hiatus, I made sure to add his site to the HOF. I was surprised that he or any of the other contributors had not written anything in 9 months. Even when he and his group came back, I added the site to the main roll, even though it was still in the HOF.

Okay, on to the point of the story.

As you may remember, I drove to three different card shops in my area. At each store, not only did I purchase some packs, but I also received a free 5-card pack of 2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day packs. I opened them (finally) last night. Here are the results.

The pack received from Chicagoland Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Buffalo Grove, IL, contained the following five cards (and a Topps Now ad card):

  • #13 Eric Hosmer, 1B, Royals
  • #10 Justin Verlander, P, Tigers
  • #27 Jacob deGrom, P, Mets
  • #8 Nolan Arenado, 3B, Rockies
  • #24 Robinson Cano, 2B, Mariners

The pack received from The Baseball Card King in Palatine, IL, contained these five cards (and the Topps Now ad card):

  • #21 Francisco Lindor, SS, Indians
  • #29 Adrian Beltre, 3B, Rangers
  • #17 Jharel Cotton, P, Athletics (Rookie Card)
  • #25 Manny Machado, 3B, Orioles
  • #5 Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves

The pack from Sport and Gaming Cards in Niles, IL, contained these five cards (and again, a Topps Now ad card):

  • #27 Jacob deGrom, P, Mets
  • #8 Nolan Arenado, 3B, Rockies
  • #24 Robinson Cano, 2B, Mariners
  • #18 Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pirates
  • #12 Dellin Betances, P, Yankees

First thought, before anyone asks...YES!!! The deGrom, Arenado, and Cano cards came exactly out of both packs in that order. Remember in years past if you had opened enough packs of a product (let's say 1989 Topps) and could see Mark Grace on the top that you were almost always guaranteed a Chris Sabo card right after it (or was it the other way around...can't remember the exact order...but you get the idea)? Well, it seems that these three come together in order. Now, obviously it's a really small sample size, but you can't deny two different packs from two different stores contained the same three cards in that order.

Of the thirty cards (including Trout, and I have three of them) that make up this set, I have a combined total of 13 cards. The rest of the checklist includes (for those who missed NBCD over the weekend):

  • #1 Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals
  • #2 Carlos Correa, SS, Astros
  • #3 Corey Seager, SS, Dodgers
  • #4 Maikel Franco, 3B, Phillies
  • #6 Chris Sale, P, Red Sox
  • #7 Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, Diamondbacks
  • #9 Joey Votto, 1B, Reds
  • #11 Aledmys Diaz, SS, Cardinals
  • #14 Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Marlins
  • #15 Orlando Arcia, SS, Brewers (Rookie Card)
  • #16 Miguel Sano, 3B, Twins
  • #19 Wil Myers, 1B, Padres
  • #20 Brandon Crawford, SS, Giants
  • #22 Kris Bryant, 3B, Cubs
  • #23 Yoan Moncada, 2B, White Sox (Rookie Card)
  • #26 Josh Donaldson, 3B, Blue Jays
  • #28 Chris Archer, P, Rays

Just my luck, no autographs, but more disappointing...NO CARDS OF A PLAYER FROM CHICAGO!!! Maybe if I went to that fourth store as I had originally planned.

Well, I do have five extra cards that I'd be interested in trading away to get some, if not all of these cards. It's either that, or purchase a complete set on the Bay (they're going anywhere from 10-30 bucks).

With my current situation, I think I'd be better of trading. So in the spirit of trading cards, does anybody have any cards to trade? Please send me an email at with what you have and what you're looking to trade for? I'm sure I can find something to send out if you have any of the 17 cards I need to complete this set.

While we're on the subject of trading, I am on the hunt for the retail exclusive insert cards from 2017 Topps Series 2. Specifically the All-Time All-Star Team (which has 50 cards...please note while there is no card #22 in the set, Andre Dawson is listed as card #61), the Home Run Derby Champion set (21 cards), and the All-Star MVP set (25 cards). All are retail exclusive, with cards from the MVP set found only at Walmart. If you have any cards from any of these three sets and are also willing to trade, I will be more than happy to trade for them.

I did buy more packs, but didn't get a chance to open them. When I do, I'll post the results here.


JayBee Anama

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