Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Time Again...Fa La La La La

'Twas the day before Christmas, and I shut down my work computer, I look around the house and notice that it's been a bit of a subdued celebration. It wasn't long ago that the kids wanted toys and games under the tree. This year, "just give us gift cards...we'll figure out what to buy."

Ho, ho ho.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the tree is still standing (after a couple of collapses, it was a miracle that we found a stand that could hold the tree), but with all four of us running non-stop, decorations that we had up in the past are still in boxes. Maybe next year, we'll use them.

While it's already happening elsewhere in the world, tonight, we prepare for the birth of Jesus with Christmas Eve Mass (we've been to two Simbang Gabi's already) and then dinner at my brother's (and that's unless the lady with four kids and one just ready to arrive tells us that it's time to go...long story).

In the meantime, with the kids getting older, having to shop for them has been a bit easier. They already know what stores they want to go to, so we'll either give them the cash or the gift card and they're done. My wife and I on the other hand will just do our shopping when the time is right (probably after the holidays are over).

On behalf of my family, I hope you and yours have a very good Christmas. May you find the cards you need in your stockings and may we all add to our ever growing collections in the coming new year.


JayBee Anama