Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Live from St. Louis, Missouri...Baseball Cards

For those who don't follow me on Facebook (and why not? Friend me!!!), my family and I have escaped the cold and snow of Chicago and travelled to...the cold and snow of St. Louis. Yes, we planned our trip just as the snowstorm went through the Midwest plains, covering everywhere from Denver to Springfield, IL, in more than two feet of snow. The roads just getting down here from home was an experience in patience and endurance. There were some stretches that we were cruising at 65-75 mph, other times because the roads were literally covered in ice, 5 mph.

But we made it. And after taking pictures at Kiener Plaza (the best place to take pictures if you want a shot of the Arch and the Courthouse at the exact same time), we headed on down to the Imo's Pizza located at the Hilton just across the street. And what did my kids find that they had to run and tell me about as soon as they got out of the bathroom?

Wait, what?

Yes, the Hilton has hanging on their walls, framed and all, a collection of baseball cards of nothing but St. Louis Cardinals. At 35 cards across and 15 cards down, that would be 525 cards.

There are Topps cards of course, as well as cards from those other card companies.

My wife says that I should one day take some of my Cubs cards and do something similar. That could be possible. But I think a guy like the gentleman over at Wrigley Wax, or the Orioles Card O' the Day, or Nachos Grande, or White Sox Cards, or any other team collector/blogger would have the cards to do the job. Of course, I could take a complete set of Topps and do the same thing, but it would look like one large sheet.

From our hotel room comes this beautiful night time shot of the Arch. We're actually leaving now to go see it up close. And after running around downtown, we are going to see the Blues take on the Edmonton Oilers at Scottrade Center. I know it's hockey, but MLB doesn't start until next week, and this will be my first NHL game (I've seen tons of IHL/AHL Wolves games).

Lots to do, and only one-and-a-half more days to do it all. See you later.


JayBee Anama


The Junior Junkie said...

St. Louis is a blast! My wife and I went last year.

If you have kids you have to make it down to City Museum. Blues games are fantastic. It was my first (and hopefully not last) NHL hockey game. Going up in the arch takes a lot of time, but it was worth it. Good cider in the lobby there.

Have fun!

Joe Average Card Collector said...

Have fun, just a few miles from me. Have fun in the Lou, sorry about the snow part. We don't like it either.

P-town Tom said...

I'll second the City Museum advice. Loads of fun for the kids!

Mike Pearce said...

St. Louis is fun - my wife and I went to a Blues' game a few years ago for a road trip.