Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Pains of Being a Set Collctor

I actually went to a card show on Sunday.  Not just any card show.  A Fred Copp show.

Let me explain.

For years, Fred Copp has been running card shows throughout the Chicagoland suburbs.  His shows are most often set up within the confines of a hotel, either in the lobby or in one of the conference rooms. The first Copp show I ever went to was just a few minutes away from where I work.  And it seemed that every Friday, he and a bunch of other sellers would be there, selling, trading, or just talking about the Hobby. 

Anyway, on Sunday, his show was set up at a hotel in Schaumburg.  Normally, I am all the way in Chicago on Sunday mornings, nowhere near the shows in the 'burbs.  But because of the annual Women's luncheon that my wife attends, my son and I (my daughter stayed with my wife), found ourselves with way too much time on our hands.  So why not, I thought, go to a card show.

My son and I drove to the hotel, not even sure that the show was even happening.  But once we walked in and saw the sign indicating that the Sports Card Show was just down the hall, we knew we were in luck.  The show took up two conference rooms.  They rooms weren't that big.  And there wasn't that much space to walk around.  But my son and I found a few things that piqued our interest. 

My son wanted a couple of packs of Wacky Packages.  For two bucks, no problem.  I found a flyer for Topps 206...from 2002.  Perfect for my Topps 206 binder. I also found a couple of original back cards from 2011.  Just two.  One of them was mixed in with the regular inserts. 

But the key find was a lot of cards from the 2011 Topps/MLB Network Prime Nine giveaways.  And for five bucks, the guy behind the table said I could have them.  So I paid my five bucks, and found out why he was willing to sell so cheaply (and you'll see too in a minute).

2011 Topps Prime 9 Set...Minus 1
 I am missing one card.  The shortstop.  The #4 card of the giveaway.  Yes, folks, I'm missing Derek Jeter. 

When asked why his card was missing, it was because somebody had come in and BOUGHT IT!!!  And left the other eight cards on the table. 



You had in your hands a complete set, and you ruined it by taking that one card away.  A set collector's nightmare!!!

Now I know there are player collectors (there must be a million Derek Jeter card collectors), and team collectors (Yankees?  Come on, it's Topps!!!)  But you (and I'm talking to the guy or gal who bought the Jeter) had in your hands all nine of these beautiful chrome cards, all with extremely sharp corners, full gloss, and no scratches.  Why not just take them all with you???

So on Twitter, I posted the following Tweet:

"I can't believe I am typing these next nine words: I need Derek Jeter's 2011 @toppscards Prime 9 card. #collect Anyone??? DM me please."

I'll probably try to find it on the Bay, but if anybody has a spare Jeter card from this set and would like to trade or sell it to me, please send me an e-mail at bdj610@hotmail.com and let me know what it would take to take it off your hands.  Thanks.


JayBee Anama

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Glenn Savage said...

I have an extra Prime 9 #1, and #9 if that opens any trade options for you.