Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Topps Update Series is Now Live! So Who Are the SP Legends in This Set?

If you've been paying attention to the Bay, you would know that 2011 Topps Update Series has now arrived, even though it was supposed to be released today (10/5/2011).  So while waiting for master sets to show up on the auction site, I thought it would be a good idea to look around and see what players were given the SP treatment.

Leave it to eBay powersellers brentandbecca to have all the answers in one convenient location.

They presently have two auctions up for a complete set of all 25 cards, each with a BIN of $439.99 (you could start the bidding at $379.99, but we'll see how far that will take you), and all 25 cards are picture in all their glory.

So to save time, hassle, and agony, here are the 25 players whose cards will be mixed in with the regular 330 at short printed levels:
  • #US4 Carlton Fisk
  • #US10 Hank Aaron
  • #US18 Joe DiMaggio
  • #US21 Willie McCovey
  • #US31 Paul O'Neill
  • #US38 Roger Maris
  • #US42 Frank Thomas
  • #US50 Nolan Ryan
  • #US58 Bert Blyleven
  • #US59 Rickey Henderson
  • #US85 Tom Seaver
  • #US138 Paul Molitor
  • #US140 Sandy Koufax
  • #US154 Babe Ruth
  • #US195 Larry Walker
  • #US207 Frank Robinson
  • #US229 Roberto Alomar
  • #US230 Al Kaline
  • #US238 Darryl Strawberry
  • #US249 Ozzie Smith
  • #US258 Monte Irvin
  • #US260 Ty Cobb
  • #US278 Tris Speaker
  • #US291 Andre Dawson
  • #US309 Jimmie Foxx
Would you like to see pictures?  Of course you do:

Thoughts:  It pains me to see Frank Thomas in any other uniform besides the White Sox.  I know that these are supposed to show players on other teams.  But it still hurts (pun intended).  Nice to see Andre Dawson in a Cubs uniform. It's the SP debut for DiMaggio, O'Neill, Strawberry, and Walker.  Also, why aren't the baseballs where the team logos are placed "aged"?

Happy hunting.  I'll be looking for these too.  So if you find any in your packs, and don't need them, please let me know.  I'll give them a nice home.


JayBee Anama


hiflew said...

When I saw the checklist I thought I might finally have an SP from my team to chase with Larry Walker. I was sad to see him as an Expo. Maybe next year.

gcrl said...

wasn't there a koufax sp in series 1 or 2?