Thursday, November 18, 2010

Card #'s 146 or #168 Now Officially Belong to...Part 2.

In recent years, Topps has reserved six cards within Series 1 for the AL and NL award winners that are being announced this week. Card #'s 146 and #168 (according to the preliminary checklist) are reserved for the Cy Young Award Winners.

On Tuesday, Roy Halladay was named the NL Cy Young Award winner. Today, we know who won the award in the American League, and thus gets to appear on either card #146 or #168 (Topps did not specify which card goes to which league's winner).

Congratulations to Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners for winning the AL Cy Young Award. Even with a record of 13-12 (thanks in part to a lack of run support in his "losses"), he finished first in innings pitched (249 2/3), first in ERA with a dazzling 2.27, second in WHIP at 1.06, and second in strikeouts with 232. He can now claim to have the lowest win total and still win the Cy Young. And he had some very stiff competition.

So card #146 or #168 will be of King Felix, the Mariners' All-Star ace. He received 21 first-place votes (out of 28, for a total of 167 points), beating out a field that included David Price of the Rays (111, 4 second-place votes), CC Sabathia of the Yankees (102, 3), Jon Lester of the Red Sox (33), Jered Weaver of the Angels (24), Clay Buchholz of the Red Sox (20), Cliff Lee of the Rangers (6), Rafael Soriano of the Rays (5), Trevor Cahill of the Athletics (4), Joakim Soria of the Royals (2), Francisco Liriano of the Twins (1), and Justin Verlander of the Tigers (1).

Hernandez becomes the second Venezuelan-born pitcher to win the award (Johan Santana was the first). Either way card #'s 146 and 168 are now reserved for both Doc and The King.

Let the debates continue. Did your guy win???


JayBee Anama

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