Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Guess Sooner or Later, This Was Bound to Happen

(Thanks to Chris Olds for the story and the picture.)

In the last few years (okay, since 2004), Topps baseball card collectors have been subjected to insert cards of a, well, political nature so to speak. Beginning with 2004 Topps Presidential Pasttimes (where the history of baseball and the 42 POTUS are linked somehow), to the 2008 Topps Presidential Candidates (don't forget Gore and Arnold), and then the behemoth 55 card Historical Campaign Matchups (at least even the casual collector knows that Adlai Stevenson lost both times to President Dwight D. Eisenhower).

Regardless of the endless complaints that these kinds of cards were included into packs of Topps baseball cards, they were there, people collected them, and they moved on.

Now, the Topps Company is bringing to the masses...


Yes friends, come one, come all, and feast your eyes on the next product to hit the shelves at your local card shop or big box's the 2008 Topps Election Collection!!! Utilizing the now popular 2008 Topps Baseball card design, this 50 card set (and a bonus Allen & Ginter insert card, ten in the set, collect them all), highlights what has happened (so far) in the Presidential campaign. There will be 25 cards each for both camps, and will include such topics as "Life on the Campaign Trail," five on the "Road to the White House," and to finish it off, cards of both First Ladies-in-waiting Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. No word yet if VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin will be included yet.

So rush to your stores, get your cards, use them to help you keep track of the election, bring them to the polling places, and vote, vote, vote (being serious on the last three parts...please vote, what you do with the cards if you buy them is entirely up to you).

Wonder what the Libertarians, Ralph Nader, and whoever else is running for the job has to say about this???


JayBee Anama


dayf said...

Barf. I wouldn't mind an Allen & Ginter Bob Barr card though.

tdlindgren said...

I think since they inserted Presidential cards into the baseball card packs they should insert baseball cards into the Presidential set! :)