Thursday, September 25, 2008

And the 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookie #'s 18, 19, and 20 Cards Go To...

Those holding the final three Red Hot Rookie Redemption cards better get them logged in to Topps quickly as it has just been announced that card #18 is of Taylor Teagarden of the Texas Rangers, #19 is of Collin Balester of the Washington Nationals, and #20 is of Lou Montanez of the Baltimore Orioles.

Teagarden, the Rangers catcher, made his Major League Debut on July 18 against the Twins, and sports a .349 batting average, 6 home runs, and 17 runs batted in.

Balester won the decision in his major league debut on July 1 against the Marlins, and currently sports a 3-6 record, with a 4.83 ERA and 49 strikeouts in 78.3 innings of work.

After bouncing around the Cubs farm system for seven years, the Orioles took a chance on Lou Montanez (Luis Montanez if you have some Topps cards from earlier in the decade). Montanez made his major league debut on April 28 against the White Sox, and since is sporting a .299 batting average with one home run and 3 runs batted in (all statistics are as of September 24, 2008).

None of the final three cards are autographed. For fans of the Rangers, Nationals, and Orioles, you will certainly want to add this cards to your collections. So for those of you with Redemption card #'s 18, 19, or 20, START REDEEMING!!!

The final checklist for the 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemption set:

So after a whole season of waiting, I, along with dayf at the Cardboard Junkie, will be getting a Rookie Card of a Nationals pitcher. I think I'm going to hold my first contest on the humble little blog. I just need to plan it accordingly. What could you win? Care to guess???


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

No David Price? I was hoping that he'd sneak in there...

I was thrilled about the Longoria autograph for #17. I went right to eBay and won myself a redemption card. Topps better not screw me over!

night owl said...

If it has anything to do with winning the Clayton Kershaw, I'm in.

dayf said...


M.E.H. Meh.