Thursday, November 3, 2016

And Just Like That...

The 2016 MLB season has now come to a close. And for the first time in my lifetime, I am happy with the end results.

Yes, I know that I've seen a World Series championship in Chicago before...and nothing against the White Sox, but I did not feel the enthusiasm. But last night, I went through the wringer regarding my emotions.
  • I was nervous at the start of the game
  • I was happy when Fowler hit the home run
  • I was cautiously optimistic when it was 5-1
  • I was in a state of worry when it was 5-3
  • I was relieved when it was 6-3
  • I totally lost it when it was 6-6
Yes. I actually went into my bedroom, layed in my bed face down, and just did not want to move. I thought at that point, it was over, and that all the Indians needed was a home run and it was "Celebration Cleveland." I did not even see the bottom of the ninth because I was numb.

My daughter came into my room and asked if I was all right. Of course I wasn't all right. I was a wreck.

She actually started screaming when the Cubs scored in the 10th. I had no idea that there was a rain delay and when I came out to the living room, I had thought that the Indians had a really long bottom of the ninth. The Cubs had the bases loaded when Montero got a hit to drive in an 8th run.

After the inning ended, I was breathing really heavily. Not necessarily hyperventilating, but close enough.

After Carl Edwards, Jr. got the first two outs, and then walked the next guy, and then Rajai Davis struck again, driving in the 7th run, I had almost collapsed.

Then when Mike Montgomery induced that final groundout (which, by the way, Bryant had slipped as he was making the throw) that I thought was going to go over Rizzo's head but he caught it.

Pure jubilation.

I dropped the remote control on the table and it slid into the fish tank. (Don't I need a new remote).

For the first time in 108 years, the Cubs are World Series Champions. My family was screaming. The Facebook Feed went nuts. The Twitter Feed went nuts. It was finally over. The jokes, the curses, the "Lovable Losers" nickname...all gone. The team had finally done it.

My wife wants a WS shirt for her birthday (which is tomorrow). I'm getting outfits for everyone.

And as soon as Topps comes out with the retail set celebrating the Cubs...guess who's getting one.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians organization. Your team was just as hungry. Your fans were just as enthusiastic. Your team was built to win, and had all the momentum on your side.

But more importantly...

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. Thank you for taking this Cubs fan, and generations of Cubs fans, on the ride of a lifetime.

I'm thinking of my grandmother right now. The lady that brought me to my first baseball game back in 1988 and introduced me to the game the year before. She would have loved this and I'm sure she's watching wherever she is.

World Series Champions. Has a nice ring to it. It'll definitely make watching those "Top 20" shows on the MLB network more bearable to watch during the offseason.


JayBee Anama


arpsmith said...

Congratulations! I remember going through some similar emotional swings back in 2010 when the Giants won their first title in my lifetime. I would gladly trade a remote for a title. Enjoy! Sounds like you are already on the consumer bandwagon of buying everything WS - my recommendation is to pick up anything and everything you want and see.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Reds fan but my grandfather was a lifelong Chicagoan and Cubs fan and I'm the same way - thought of him last night. Congrats on the monumental win.

unclemoe said...

High five!

Once a Cub said...

I have been buying the Topps Now cards in bulk and have extras of just about all of them. I have extras of the 15 card postseason set and will have extras of the 15 card World Series set when it arrives. Let me know if there any in particular you want/need. No gouging, one Cubs fan to another.

Tony Burbs said...

I still can't believe it's actually happened - this is truly an incredible feeling! From one Cubs fan to another, congratulations!

P-town Tom said...

It's been a really fun 24 hours!

Anonymous said...

What do the cards look like, are they different?