Friday, April 10, 2015

Reports of 2015 Topps Team Sets are Showing Up on the Bay

When the Cardinals/Cubs game was rained out on Tuesday, reports came out that fans who did show up bought Cubs cards for the players to sign. The thing was that these did not have the regular card numbers, but CHC-1, CHC-2, etc.

That could only mean one thing...

The 2015 Topps Retail sets are now live!!!

After checking the bay, team sets are showing up thanks to a couple of sellers that I have bought from in the past. When I get a bit of cash next month, I'll probably take a shot at them. In the past, both sellers have offered all 32 team sets in an auction. I don't know if they'll do them this year, but you never know.

The number one source in the Hobby has been kind enough to post checklists for both the Athletics and Padres cards that I did not have before, so without further ado, here are the checklists:

Oakland Athletics
  • OA-1 Sonny Gray
  • OA-2 Coco Crisp
  • OA-3 Brett Lawrie
  • OA-4 Sean Doolittle
  • OA-5 Sam Fuld
  • OA-6 Jesse Chavez
  • OA-7 Ben Zobrist
  • OA-8 Scott Kazmir
  • OA-9 Stephen Vogt
  • OA-10 Drew Pomeranz
  • OA-11 Josh Reddick
  • OA-12 Eric Sogard
  • OA-13 Marcus Semien
  • OA-14 Ike Davis
  • OA-15 Dan Otero
  • OA-16 Tyler Clippard
  • OA-17 Billy Butler
San Diego Padres
  • SDP-1 Matt Kemp
  • SDP-2 Alexi Amarista
  • SDP-3 Andrew Cashner
  • SDP-4 Will Middlebrooks
  • SDP-5 Jedd Gyorko
  • SDP-6 Justin Upton
  • SDP-7 Ian Kennedy
  • SDP-8 Tommy Medica
  • SDP-9 Carlos Quentin
  • SDP-10 Wil Myers
  • SDP-11 Rymer Liriano
  • SDP-12 Cory Spangenberg
  • SDP-13 Yonder Alonso
  • SDP-14 Yangervis Solarte
  • SDP-15 Tyson Ross
  • SDP-16 Derek Norris
  • SDP-17 Joaquin Benoit

It's going to be a long month. But I know it will be worth it.


JayBee Anama


Fuji said...

My two favorite teams ;)

Brian said...

I wonder if the San Diego Checklist was delayed to get more of the new players photoshopped into Padres unis.

Tony L. said...

At my local target here in Georgia, they are selling both the Braves team set and the YANKEES team set. UGH.