Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Topps Series 1 is Live...and I Missed It??!

Kidding. But I wish I was able to participate in the festivities!!!

I know 2015 Topps S1 is live. I've seen videos (from Keith Olbermann to Topps case breaks). I've seen Facebook posts of people breaking open packs, blasters, boxes, cases, etc. and showing off what they got. I've watched the twitter feed to see what everyone thinks of the backs (a big thank you to Sooz for being kind enough to post the back of the card so we all know what they look like - apparently, I'm the only one who wanted to see that stuff).

I've been to the Number One Source in the Hobby's site to see pictures of the short prints and sparkle cards (somewhere Stale Gum is me, him ticked off about the cards makes it seem that all is right with the world). It looks like there are 25 SP's are included in this product (that I counted anyway) and the sparkle cards are back.

I've even gone on eBay to get an idea of what prices are going to be so that when the time (and paycheck comes), I'll have an idea of how much I plan on splurging (after bills, of course).

The cards look great. I'm just insanely jealous that my local big box store didn't have any product on the shelves today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

All I've seen looks great, but I feel I can't make any comments until I have the things in my hands.

I just want one pack. One lousy $1.99 pack.

Maybe 4.

Maybe tomorrow.


JayBee Anama


Brian said...

Thanks for all the great posts. I collected cards for a long time during the 70 s and 80s but have not bought any cards until last year when my 7 year old son became interested in cards. Where is the most economical place to pick up cards today? The best I have found is the Walmart jumbo packs. Are ther any good sites around to trade cards? I am really back to a beginner at all this.

Anonymous said...

I found a jose abreu future star card in the 15 series 1 with all of his cuban stats messed up. Is this a error card or uncorrected error? Has anyone even seen the back of this card yet?

Anonymous said...

Its me again. Name's nate. Gfound out every abreu card has the cuban stats shifted so unfortunately it's an uncorrected error. Beernt! I did find a Guilder Rodriguez card tho that has pitching stats instead of his hitting stats and he is 2B and never pitched so im now wonderin if that's an error card??????