Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pack Break Week 2: 2011 Topps Series 2

So last week, I decided to go ahead and open one pack of cards that I bought last weekend at Target. Yesterday, I opened another pack of Topps Attax. Today, it's time to open a pack the franchise, the eponymous product, the reason why we all collect, 2011 Topps Baseball Series 2.

Since 1993, Topps Series 2 has given us a taste of what the Topps Traded/Updates and Highlights/Update Series would have looked like if they just saved the pictures of players in new uniforms for the end of the year set. Series 2 just doesn't seem to get as much press as the much heralded first series.  Of course, every one looks forward to Series 1 to whet their appetite for the upcoming season.  And no other product is excruciatingly put through the wringer as Series 1 is in terms of its design.  But regardless, while series 1 is greeted with high anticipation, series 2 doesn't get much respect. The feeling with series 2 is, "What took you this long???"  But series 2 adds on to the greatness of series 1 in a way that the Update series can't.  I mean, with series 2, you get the full set.  The factory sets only contain series 1 and 2, not 3 nor Update.  Just the 660 cards that make up the flagship product.  This is Topps' bread and butter, so to speak (I mean, they have a thriving candy business to boot), by which all future card products are judged.

Well, if by judging, I just hope that history doesn't use this pack as evidence.

Here is what was waiting for me when I opened my pack of 2011 Series 2:

The cards that came out of the pack are (in the order of how they were packaged):

  • #347 Dawin Barney
  • #344 Michael Kohn
  • #431 Marcos Mateo (two Cubs...YES)
  • #383 Ryan Ludwick Diamond Parallel
  • #DS-24 Ryan Braun Diamond Stars (Shiny)
  • #468 Chone Figgins

  • #657 Nick Blackburn
  • #397 Sean Rodriguez
  • #493 Ryan Sweeney
  • Two Security Tags...Wait...WHAT??!

That's right.  Not just one of those security tag things on a card (to prevent shoplifting)...


That mean my pack of 12 cards realistically held 9 cards and TWO SECURITY TAGS!!!  That's 11 pieces of cardboard total.  So, what am I missing?  One card or three?  Not too happy with this pack. The only two things that are keeping me from screaming at Target and/or the Topps Company at this point are these:
  • I already have a complete set of this series.
  • I just prevented some poor kid from buying a pack of cards that was totally shorted.  Perhaps the pack that I could have bought that is now in the hands of this child was the first pack of cards his or her mom allowed her child to buy.  And that pack contains cards that will excite and amaze, and even make the child want more. 
I could call Topps' customer service number (at 800-489-9149) to complain, but it's the weekend.  They're not going to open.  And by the time Monday comes, I would have already forgotten about this fiasco.  Until then, allow me to brood and be disappointed...

Okay, over it.

The next pack to be opened will be the pack of Gypsy Queen.  Will I be blessed with a good pack, or cursed with a bad one?  Only the Gypsy Queens know. 


JayBee Anama

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