Sunday, July 13, 2008

And Another Update to the ASG Rosters

Kerry Wood stated that he was not going to pitch because he had a blister that he would prefer to heal for the second half of the season. He said he can pitch with it, but would rather relax for six days. While he still is going to take in the festivities, I didn't think that Hurdle would name a replacement. Well, he did.

Carlos Marmol, who had a phenomenal April and May, but lately has imploded in a number of games, has been named his replacement. That means that there will be 8 Cubs players, along with manager Lou Pinella, on the NL roster (including injured starter Alfonso Soriano, and now Wood).

He is neither a starter nor a closer, but when he is on, he is untouchable. While his current stats look bad, and his recent outings have been disastrous (case in point, that five run meltdown in Tampa, a three run blast in San Francisco, and then another five run implosion against the same Giants here in Chicago), he apparently got enough votes FROM THE PLAYERS that if something happened to one or two pitchers, he was next in line to be called up to the All-Star team.

So take Wood out, and put Marmol in. Carlos Marmol is not in the regular set, but he does have a card in the 14 card Chicago Cubs team sets that were sold at WalMart, Target,and the like. So I am officially going to say that he has no card in the base set (add yet ANOTHER player to the Updates and Highlights checklist), making him the seventh All-Star on either team without a base card.


JayBee Anama

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