Sunday, September 14, 2014

So the 2015 Topps Series 1 Sell Sheets Have Been Live For a While Now...

Eventually I can devote a bit more time to this humble, little blog. For those who have stuck around, waiting to see if I'm ever going to post again (or have asked if I'm even alive), thank you for the support. I am hoping that when 2015 comes around, and the prospects that Theo and company have been raising start fulfilling their potential, that it would be a great year in the Windy City for baseball.

Anyway, I've been quite busy work wise. Lots of things happening since the big conversion and it looks like things are finally starting to settle down. There are major advantages to working at home, but there has to be a balance and after reading some articles on LinkedIn (that's the social media site for professionals...or at least a way to keep tabs on former co-workers), I think I can get into a better rhythm when it comes to balancing my work time and my "out-of-office" time.

Okay, to the point.

Not long after Topps posted images of the wildly anticipated 2015 Topps cards, the sell sheets came were posted on certain sites. To save time (and to keep you from leaving to see them), here are the images:

It's always nice to see the sample images in this setting. It's too bad that they no longer distribute actual sell sheets. I would have loved to see this up close.

So it seems that the Baseball History insert set will consist of pairs of cards, not just one card reviewing a particular year. That should make things interesting. Will people only want the baseball half? Will there be a market for the "History" half? Will cards be sold in pairs? Who knows?

I don't collect them, but you have to admit, the relic cards look better and better every year. The manufactured stuff seems to be a big hit as well.

September is normally a busy time for the blog. We look at top rookies in anticipation of the annual Topps All-Star Rookie contest (which nobody won last year...sorry), as well as prepare for the announcements for the End-of-the-Year All-Star Teams. With the way this 2014 season has played out, all positions 70 positions are up for grabs.

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JayBee Anama


Ana Lu said...

At first I like the base cards but I'm afraid of the inserts. None of the samples look interesting..

The Junior Junkie said...

They all look great. Very excited...