Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Surprise from Seattle...Enumclaw to be Exact!

I came home today and checked the mail.  No bills (thankfully), the usual fliers, junk mail, and a bubble envelope from friend of the blog and writer of Emerald City Diamond Gems Larry Littman.

Wait.  I don't remember sending him anything recently.  What's in the package???  A note that read:

Hey JayBee

Hope this will help you complete the 2011 Team Sets.


And this:

Pardon the blurriness.  You can still make it out though.

The 2011 Topps Mariners Set!  With the free collector's case.  Awesome.

Larry, I sent a note on FB (we're friends on Facebook, you can be too by clicking the link and sending a friend request) to thank you.  Don't know how often you check there, but I thought this would get your attention sooner.  Thank you so much for the Mariners set.  I've mentioned it here before that the Mariners were the first team set I acquired in 2006 that began this crazy trip of collecting all 30 sets.  And now I am nine sets away from finishing off 2011.  I'll have to check your want lists to see if I can send something in return.

So I can scratch the Mariners off the want list.  It seems that the only difference between the sets with the free case and those without them is that not only are the packages larger, but the checklist (which I normally cut out for inclusion in the album) has three columns instead of two (more room on the back).  How in the heck am I going to fit this in the sheet?  Minor technicalities.  It's one less set I have to buy. 

Is there anybody in the Phoenix, Miami, Houston, Kansas City, LA/Anaheim, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, or Toronto areas that can find a team set for me?


JayBee Anama


Ryan G said...

I'm in the San Francisco bay area and have yet to see a Giants team set, let alone Oakland. However, I think I saw them for sale in Sacramento when I went to a minor league game there. Send me an email (through my profile) - I can keep my eyes open for you whenever I head to the East Bay.

Mariner1 said...

I figured the least I could do was help you out. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading, and one of the inspirations to start my blog. You do great with the blog, and keeping up on the blogroll.

I know that you trying to collect all 30 sets isn't easy. I even had a hard time finding the Mariners set in Seattle. Only at the team store have I seen them. I'm just glad to be a little part of helping you out this year.