Monday, March 7, 2011

Three More Codes...Three More Cards...Three More Rings

After a disappointing trip to Walmart on Friday (only because they moved the cards section from the new usual location to somewhere else in the store), I wound up at Meijers during my lunch hour to get my card fix. After buying six packs or regulars (one of which was given to a child at "Family Game Night" at my kids' school), three rack packs, and one of those value boxes (72 cards in a box with a guaranteed Diamond Giveaway card), I now have three Diamond Giveaway cards to add to the DiamondTopps collection.

What did I get? I am including the codes knowing full well that you can't use them anymore:

TDG3 = JT9Zh88kw = 1977 Topps Adrian Devine #339 = Stan Musial Ring

TDG4 = Cg8CCcb5x = 1978 Topps Milt May #176 = Mike Schmidt Ring

TDG9 = 2RTbFrRjX = 1968 Topps Bobby Locke #24 = St. Louis Browns Ring

With 11 rings recovered, I also won a $10.00 certificate that can be used at the ShopTopps store.

But with 11 cards, I am still missing card #'s TDG1, TDG2, TDG6, and TDG10 to complete the ten card set. So I would like to know if you the readers have the above four cards and would be willing to send them to me. You can give me used code cards if you have them and don't need them any more, or you can give me unused ones as well. That is fine. I have a bunch of inserts or other cards that I can give in exchange for them.

Trading for the rings and cards begins in April. Already I have one extra Yankees ring to trade. Could sure use it for something useful (like the Cubs ring for example).


JayBee Anama


White Sox Cards said...

I have TDG-1, TDG-2 & TDG-10 set aside for you.

vintage sports memorabilia said...

I really like your sports cards collection. I must appreciate this blog. Nice job.